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Road Map to PhD





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Road Map to PhD presents a stepwise guide to a successful completion of a PhD program. In many cases doctoral candidates are found struggling with their studies due to not knowing how research is being conducted.



A fine detail of stages as encounter in a research program have been compiled in a prescribed sequence. The important aspect is the formation of a standard structure to aid researchers irrespective of a particular research field.

Right from the day first a person can discover what one should be doing the next day. In this context, related tasks have been carefully collaborated with relevant examples before being presented to the reader.


An interesting side is book organization embedded with topics making up final thesis structure. Not limited to academic writing and research presentation, sections are being personalized so as to pick up what matches with an individual scenario. It worth looking into the book contents to find out what it offers?






Answers to posted questions are updated on a regular basis Your feed back is important in drawing contents picture of the  next edition.